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Montereggi is one of the outwear brand of Confezioni Orfatti. Inspired by a contemporary way of life, practical and flexible it reinterprets the lines of essential outerwear. Since 2019 Orfatti is expanding its boundaries with new e-commerce and social media campaigns.


During my internship at The Fab Agency I was mainly in charge of researching and contacting Instagram talents to activate collaborations with the agency's clients. The most important client for whom I have activated several collaborations is Foreo, managing to close contracts with important Influencers such as Giulia De Lellis.
I was also in charge of Instagram and Facebook channels of some clients such as Keys of Italy and
Cloud9, researching and planning content creatively, as well as providing final customers the most interesting information about the companies through copy-writing.
Other activities that were part of my working day were: research of new potential clients for The Fab Agency, create digital marketing strategies plans and present them via Power Point, updating client websites made with

Period: 09/2020 - present

Location: Limite sull'Arno, Firenze

Employment type: internship

Legal Name: Confezioni Orfatti



For Black Friday 2019 Foreo decided to launch an influencer marketing campaign that included Italian Instagram Influencers and YouTubers.
I took care of selecting and contacting more than 40 Italian talents between micro-influences and VIPs, managing to close about 12 contracts obtaining the lowest possible cost x views and being able to get free content with gifts campaigns. I started in October managing collaborations worth 1k, up to dealing with contracts worth more than 10k in December.

The most interesting collaboration was the one obtained with Giulia De Lellis, with a six-month exclusive and a package that included video content for IG Stories and IGTV. Thanks to this collaboration, Foreo obtained 700k views just from one IGTV Video, reached a total of 2M people, and received more than 5k clicks on affiliate links.

Virgola Free Content.png
Alice Like Audry YouTube Video.png
Ale Hilton Collab.png


PROJECT FOR: Keys of Italy & Cloud9

Keys of Italy it's a tour operator that organizes tours around Italy and provides luxury apartments for (mostly) American travellers. It is a fixed client of The Fab Agency and I was in charge to find, plan and manage content in order to communicate, through pics and copywriting, the emotions and feelings that those who chose Keys of Italy can prove choosing their service. Here on the right, you can have a look at how the IG page was while I was managing it.

Cloud9 is a British company producing straighteners and other hair care accessories, they started targeting the Italian market in 2018 creating the Instagram page @cloud9italia. The Fab Agency was the first agency they approach to grow their brand awareness in Italy, when I start working with them the IG page had around 9k followers, in four months we were able to reach 11k followers with no use of sponsored campaigns.

Cloud9 Grow.png
Cloud9 Grow.png
Keys of italy Feed.jpg


When I start my internship for The Fab Agency they were already working on Keys of Italy's website. They choose as the platform to build the website in order to give the possibility to company employees of changing tour and apartment informations by themself. I was in charge of uploading all the content in the structure of the website and adjust the UX experience for both desktop and mobile view.

I had to complete the task in maximum two months, but I manage to deliver the project in one month.

Keys of Italy website.png
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