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PRADA 8 mm

POLIMODA midterm project


march 2018


trend forecasting

The project started from the exploration of different trends in 2018: telling your story, everyday life, nostalgia, retro hype.

Videos, mundane objects and nostalgia. So what’s better than an old camera?

8mm is the translation of the trend analysis into a product - an hard clutch in the shape of the super8 camera from Kodak integrated with a 360 camera. 

8mm was then applied to Prada - Miuccia Prada that has always introduced new products, colors and approaches to the fashion system, was the perfect brand to include the 8mm.


Teamwork: worked with an international group of 4 colleagues.

Problem-solving: we faced various obstacles especially during the definition of the target and the graphic creations, but with dedication and perseverance we were able to solve the problems in the best way.  

Organizational: Being the one in charge of layout all the research I was the time manager and in charge of the division of the work, to complete all the research and graphics parts and have time to layout, print and prepare the speech.

Creativity: I was in charge of the creative part (layout, graphics, etc..)




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